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Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Petra, Jordan

Posted on 26 September 2019 by admin (0)

Petra in Jordan has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. When you say Petra a lot of people only think of the façade of the Treasury built into the orange canyon walls, since it’s what you see most often on social media. There is actually so much more to see and enjoy in Petra. This article will cover all the essential things you need to know about visiting Petra.

The Rock Formations

The entryway to this ancient site, which is also called a “Rose City”, is with an extremely narrow one-kilometer angelic chasm called the Siq. It is no question that your cam will remain right in your face as soon as you step into the entrance. You will be quite disappointed to find, nevertheless, that your pictures will certainly never ever catch the unearthly exquisiteness of these rock developments.

The Ancient Ruins

Originally constructed as a mausoleum as well as crypt at the beginning of the 1st-century ADVERTISEMENT, it is now the driving force of tourism in this lost city. Hellenistic and Greek-inspired architecture enthusiasts will certainly have a banquet with the Roman burial places, ancient homes, amphitheaters, temples, obelisks, and that much check out paganism altars located in the city. You possibly would not also as soon as you’ve laid your eyes on the cryptic burial places as well as grand holy places.

The Hundreds-of-Steps Climbs

Sitting on top of a serrated mountain is one more beautiful temple called The Abbey. Its 800-step trail will defeat every Stairmaster understood to the guy– yet the cardio run is worth it. Can you picture that these courses have existed because of 400 B.C.? Think of how many individuals have walked those stairways that belong to once-thriving trading and also funding the city.

The Cliff Sights

The city of Petra is surrounded by a variety of cliffs that site visitors can easily climb up to. It is best to bring reputable hiking boots if you intend to visit as a lot of strolling has to be done. When there is a great deal of climbing, there needs to be a lot of drinking as well– of water, that is. It is much better to value the stealthily calm sight of the Arabian landscape while you’re moisturized.

The Desert

Prepare on your own for an amazing experience when you avail of the “Petra Evening Show” where you will reach explore the city after dark as well as with the aid of 1,500 lighted candles. The event runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and the entry cost is 17 JD just.


Excavators reported that only 15% of the ancient has been found– the large majority are still left untouched underground. Just recently, a substantial monolith was found concealing underneath what is currently declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The monument is two times as vast as an Olympic-sized pool and excavation are on its method.