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Vacation to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Posted on 05 March 2019 by admin (0)

Now that you are ready to visit Moscow, we advise you hold on and go through this packing guide as there could be some essentials that you probably forgot to pack or you just didn’t think you’ll need it. So, just carefully go through this packing list before leaving for Moscow so you don’t have troubles when you get there:

  • Scarf

It’s really important to travel with layers, especially when you are visiting somewhere like Moscow. A scarf will come in handy, especially for women who plan to visit religious monuments. This isn’t obligatory but it is advised and religiously appreciated.

  • Umbrella

The weather in Moscow and even Russia generally are unpredictable. Even if you’ll be going there in the summer, we urge you to still go with your umbrella.

  • Power converter

A power converter is really easy to notice, still, most people always seem to forget theirs. So, put your power converter in your bag as you are reading this.

  • Sanitizers

If you’ll be using the train most of the time, you should pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer and Lysol. This will be useful if you need to use the train toilets.

  • Souvenirs

Russians love to get souvenirs. It’s usually nice to bring some with you regardless of how little they are, especially if you’ll be staying with a host or if you’ll be around Russians most of the time. Key chains, mugs, t-shirts etc. will be appreciated.

  • Money belt

If you have huge plans to see various tourist attractions in Moscow, you have to ensure you have your money kept in a secured place. No! Not your pocket, we recommend a money belt or a fanny pack. We want you to have something that will sit close to your body. Now, your other job is to keep an eye on your property.

  • Visa

Be sure you have your visa with you before traveling, and make sure it is valid on the day you’ll be traveling. You should always have your visa with you everywhere you go, just in case of unexpected police checks.